Mission Statement

Quality Case Management, Inc. ascribes to the practice that each individual is a whole person who as a result of mental illness has temporarily lost a piece of that wholeness.  It is the further belief that each individual will recover that loss through the proper delivery of community support.

It is well understood that each individual proceeds at his or her own pace during this process.  The ease and grace at which an individual moves forward in this recovery is enhanced or diminished by the attitude and support of the provider.

It is the duty of the provider to empower the individual to increase independence and to recognize the rights of the individual to control his or her own life as fully as possible.

History of Quality Case Management, Inc.

QCMI received its initial contract to conduct Targeted Adult Mental Health Case Management in June, 1994 following a Request for Proposal.  It was the first contract to be granted in Mower County Human Services to a private provider for mental health case management and remained that way for a number of years.  Starting with one client, the owner being the only staff, the agency evolved over time to require two case managers by 2000.  In January, 2002 QCMI had undertaken the contract of the Austin Medical Center’s Adult Community Treatment Outreach Program.  This required us to work with community members who had a Serious and Persistent Mental Illness, were on Medical Assistance and required direction in maintaining their mental health.  The following year, QCMI became the first Mower County based agency to be certified by Mower County Human Services and the State of Minnesota to conduct Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS), thus effectively replacing our Outreach Program.  QCMI currently has eleven staff including administrative, clerical, Mental Health Practitioners and Mental Health Workers dedicated to serving the community mental health needs of quality residents of Mower County.