Community Description / Supports

Quality Community Services, Inc. Residential Facilities are located in Austin, MN.  Austin has a population of about 23,000 and is in the Southeast part of the state about 12 miles from the Iowa border.  Mower County is bordered on the north by Steele, Dodge and Olmsted Counties, on the west by Freeborn County and the east by Fillmore County.

Our facilities are located within a mile or less radius of the Austin Medical Center, AMC Behavioral Healthcare, a number of pharmacies, churches, Sterling Shopping Center, Downtown Austin, Bridge Drop-In Center, YMCA, several restaurants and a nearby convenience store.  City parks, Marcusen Baseball Park, portions of the Cedar River and excellent walking / bicycle paths fall within our immediate vicinity. Riverland Community College, Public Library, department stores, a mall, grocery stores, a theatre and restaurants lie a bit further beyond the one mile mark.  Transportation for WestPark residents is available with the local transit system, volunteer drivers or the local Taxi service.  Additionally, WestPark offers responsible riders free use of any of a number of available bicycles.

Besides our proximity to medical facilities, Austin has a Day Treatment Program, Cedar Valley Services Workshop and a local Division of Rehabilitation Services office as well as an array of support groups including AA.  The Bridge Drop-In Center offers activities during day and evening hours.

204 House residents are supervised in participating in the community at large while WestPark residents are encouraged to do so independently.  A monthly House Meeting is held with all the residents at WestPark to foster resident community building.


History of Quality Community Services, Inc.

Quality Community Services, Inc. began in 2003 prior to the purchase of WestPark Board and Lodge and 204 House.  QCSI is the operational component of our residential programs.  WestPark Board and Lodge opened as a 10 Bed Licensed Residential Facility with Services on February 15, 2004.   This followed a lengthy renovation of the Victorian Style building constructed in 1903 and the adjacent property now known as 204 House.  24 hour staffing of WestPark was maintained by administrative staff till our population had grown from one resident in February to nine by the early summer of ’04 and staff had been recruited to take over the day to day operation.  The intent for the Board and Lodge was to provide a safe, clean, homelike atmosphere for individuals who would benefit from its many amenities.  We believe we have succeeded.

Development of 204 House was delayed following the Austin flood of September 2004 as our owner needed a place to live temporarily.  Following impending closure of an Adult Foster Care facility which housed some of our QCMI clients, it was decided to license 204 House as a Corporate Adult Foster Care facility.  204 House opened early in February, 2006 with three bedrooms and four licensed beds.  The facility is designed to be homelike and cheerful.  From our observations and numerous comments of others, we believe we have succeeded.

In 2007, a beautiful Victorian style, five bedroom home that was built in 1893 was added to the realm of services. It is called Reflections Assisted Living. It is equipped with a handicap entrance to accomodate all walks of life in a homelike setting. A chair lift, a security system and a handicap bathroom have been added to complete the package for the needs in assisted living. The homelike environment is a wonderful compliment for longevity in addition to receiving services. Reflections was also included on the “Holiday Tour of Homes” in 2009. It’s beauty was enjoyed by all.

Our history is not just about the bricks and mortar we have arranged in a pleasant manner.  It is mainly about the relationships we develop with those for whom we provide a home.  While we have had very few who have not been able to appreciate the stability of our programs, the vast majority tell us in one way or another that they are grateful for what we offer.  What we believe we offer beyond the ordinary is respect, caring, understanding and an opportunity for personal growth.